Stream2Sea is the FIRST & ONLY mineral sunscreen to be tested and proven safe for you, your family, and our waters. Our sunscreens do not contain ingredients that are harmful to fishes or coral larvae like: Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, or Octrylene. We are also proud to be Protect Land & Sea Certified.

Reef safe

Fact: There are NO official, approved tests or certification for reef-safe or ocean-safe products. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of regulation when it comes to marketing a sunscreen as “reef safe”. That means even if a sunscreen is labeled as “reef safe,” there’s no guarantee that it actually won’t harm the reefs. We tested our safe sunscreen products to ensure they will not be harmful to fish and other aquatic life when used as directed.

The Environmentalist

So the chemist, the environmentalist and the explorer came together to create an eco-conscious skin care line that is healthy for our bodies AND for the waters of our planet.