Sorek Bar Soap




Delilah is a woman mentioned in the sixteenth chapter of the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible. She is loved by Samson, a Nazirite who possesses great strength and serves as the final Judge of Israel. Delilah is bribed by the lords of the Philistines to discover the source of his strength. After three failed attempts at doing so, she finally goads Samson into telling her that his vigor is derived from his hair. As he sleeps, Delilah orders a servant to cut Samson’s hair, thereby enabling her to turn him over to the Philistines.

This 5oz soap combines a top crimson red tobacco rose scented clear layer, with a Italian leather and black vetiver activated charcoal infused goats milk base bottom layer. All while dried rose petals sit amidst each satisfying section. Will you be seduced by this new scent from Bay Area Beard Co.?

Ingredients- crystal clear soap base, goats milk  soap base, sweet almond oil,  Moroccan argan oil, avocado oil, Jamaican black castor oil, activated charcoal, rose petals, fragrance and/or essential oil


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